Women's linen Shirt Wardrobe Blouse Embellished Hem Stitch Hand-sewing Mexico

Women's linen M Shirt Wardrobe Blouse Embellished Hem Stitch Hand-sewing Mexico


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This women's linen shirt is essential to a summer wardrobe so we've embellished on the basics.

¦Made in Mexico: Imported.

¦Linen hem  Stitch piece

¦Dress is a size Medium

¦Delightful style blooms throughout this must-have.

¦Women's Short Sleeve Blouse

Length: 28"

Width: 20 14"

Sleeve: 8 1/2"

¦Constructed of 100% Linen

¦Free Shipping USA

¦Color: White
¦Size : Medium


Hemstitch or hem-stitch is a decorative drawn thread work or openwork hand-sewing technique for embellishing the hem of clothing or household linens. Unlike an ordinary hem, hemstitching can employ embroidery thread in a contrasting color so as to be noticeable.

In hemstitching, one or more threads are drawn out of the fabric parallel and next to the turned hem, and stitches bundle the remaining threads in a variety of decorative patterns while securing the hem in place. Multiple rows of drawn thread work may be used.

Hand hemstitching can be imitated by a hemstitching machine which has a piercer that pierces holes into the fabric and two separate needles that sew the hole open. There are also hemstitcher attachments for home sewing machines, and simple decorative stitches can be used over drawn threads to suggest hand-hemstitching.

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LINEN. The fiber that was discovered more than 8000 BC, according to historical records, its use was found even in constructions of prehistoric dwellings.


Não se tem a data exata de quando a fibra do linho começou a ser tecido pelo homem, mas há registros que comprovam o seu cultivo desde 2.500 aC, pelos egípcios – as múmias egípcias eram enroladas em tecido de puro linho e tinha o significado de luz e pureza – a tumba do faraó Ramessés II; morto em 1.213 aC; foi descoberta em 1.881 d. You do not have the exact date of when the fiber flax began to be woven by men, but there are records that prove your cultivation since 2500 BC, the Egyptians - Egyptian mummies were wrapped in cloth of linen and had the meaning of light and purity - the tomb of Pharaoh Rameses II, who died in 1213 BC, was discovered in 1881 d. C, eo linho que envolvia a múmia estava em perfeito estado de conservação – após 3.000 anos. C, and the flax which involved the mummy was in perfect condition - after 3,000 years. Além da sua existência, isso comprova a resistência da fibra em relação a ação do tempo.Há também, menções sobre o tecido no Antigo Testamento – “a túnica de Cristo era de linho sem costuras”. In addition to its existence, this proves the strength of the fiber in relation to action tempo.Há also mention of the tissue in the Old Testament - "Christ's robe was seamless linen."

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