Wire Connector & Terminal Kit Gardner Bender TK-100 Electrical 80-Piece New

Wire Connector & Terminal Kit Gardner Bender TK-100 Electrical 80-Piece New


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  • Includes 80 assorted wire connectors and solderless terminals in a handy compartment case
  • Contains eight miniature gray, five small orange, four medium yellow, and four large red wire connectors
  • Contains five 22-16 AWG ring terminals, five 16-14 AWG ring terminals, five 12-10 AWG ring terminals, five 22-16 AWG spade terminals, five 16-14 AWG spade terminals, five 12-10 AWG spade terminals, five 16-14 AWG female disconnects
  • Contains five 16-14 AWG male disconnects, five 18-14 AWG tap splices, five 22-16 AWG butt splices, five 16-14 AWG butt splices
  • Contains five 12-10 AWG butt splices 
This 80-Piece Wire Connector and Terminal Kit contains essential pieces for creating successful wire connections and terminals. Gardner Bender is an industry-leading manufacturer of professional electrician’s tools and supplies. Since the beginning, our goal has been to exceed customer expectations by offering an unmatched combination of service, delivery and product. With that goal in mind, our commitment continues with the introduction of innovative products, product line expansion and capability expansions.



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