Wallet Purse Lily Flower Design Western Rhinestones Checkbook Ranch New

Wallet Purse Lily Flower Design Western Rhinestones Checkbook Ranch New


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 Measures 7.25"L x 4.25"H x 0.75"W

  •  Photo ID window
  •  Wide slots to store receipts or additional items
  •  Card holders
  •  Removable checkbook holder
  •  Design: Lily flower

You will receive one flat wallet.  Simulated leather trim, centered with a lily flower embellished with rhinestones. Great for storing coins, checkbooks, business cards, and credit cards.

The fleur-de-lis or "lily flower" is a traditional royal symbol of France and other European nations, although most people associate it with French history and culture. It appears in the flags and coats of arms of territories once colonized by France, including Quebec and Louisiana. The exact meaning and origins of this famous symbol are still a subject of debate among historians.e-lis as a part of their royal emblem. As a representation of the Virgin Mary or the holy trinity, it may have symbolized the conversion of the Franks to Christianity, which occurred in the fifth century. Under King Charles V, who reigned during the Hundred Years'' War in the 14th century, a group of three fleur-de-lis was commonly arranged on shields and coats-of-arms to represent the monarchy, as well as the favor of God and the trinity for the kingdom of France. The English kings adopted the fleur-de-lis in their own heraldic symbols to represent their claim on the French throne.


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