StampCraft Cari Haysom Books Stamp Furniture and More

StampCraft Cari Haysom Books Stamp Furniture and More


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Although the expected is here (note cards, wrapping paper, boxes), so is the delightfully unexpected (a fire screen, a chef's hat and apron, a coffee table, ceramic dishware, candles), all of it attractively handled. The majority of the more than 40 projects are home-decor pieces, and there are also various clothing items and paper products, plus some nice children's items, presented with good step-by-step directions and clear color photos. The instructional emphasis is more on individual items than on whole rooms, but a number of photo spreads show fully coordinated effects, from walls to window treatments to bed linens to a hutch full of various accessories. --Amy Handy

From Library Journal

Rubber-stamp art is a continually expanding craft, with thousands of stamps now available for purchase, along with new inks, pens, and embossing powders for coloring. Haysom's projects, including stationery, fabrics, and furniture decoration, have well-illustrated, step-by-step instructions. McGraw concentrates on decorating techniques such as cutouts and embellishments for use on handmade cards. Both books have introductory chapters on materials and equipment, care of rubber stamps, and so on. Although not as sophisticated as Stewart and Sally Walton's Stamp Magic: Inspired Effects with the Easiest New Decorating Technique (LJ 11/1/95), these are very practical guides to a popular topic.
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