Prod Hotshot Livestock Cattle Swine Handling Yellow Springer Magrath 34" New

Prod Hotshot Livestock Cattle Swine Handling Yellow Springer Magrath 34" New


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The Magrath Stock Prod is designed to help handle and move livestock effectively and efficiently.
•As a market leader, it has proven itself on the road and in the stockyards for over 40 years both in the US and throughout the world.
•Time tested and proven effective.

The solid state electronic system has no moving parts to wear out or replace. Molded of tough structural grade, high-impact plastic & includes a flexible shaft. Gives efficient electrical conduction & long battery life.

* Displaces approx. 5,500 kV.
(After the release of the button, it still stores 1 shock in the shaft.)

Uses 4 high energy alkaline C batteries (not included).


You will receive a complete Stock Shot Prod with a 34" shaft. overall length 34/49 = 49"


We also carry 22" shaft 22/38 = 38" overall length. Go to our eBay store and you will find the Stock Shot Prod with the 22" shaft. Item Number: 260525782662



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Replacement Shafts and Batteries Available

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