Nike Remora Mirror Swimming Competition Swim Goggles -93010-070

Nike Remora Mirror Swimming Competition Swim Goggles -93010-070


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Nike Swim Remora Goggles was created to help reduce drag, provide a comfortable fit, seal out water and allow for an expanded view. They are also easy to adjust, even with wet hands.


•Anti-fog lenses.
•Silicone hydroflow gasket.
•Adjustable silicone double head strap.
•Polycarbonate lenses shield the eyes from UV radiation.
•Constructed with the lightest weight materials.
•Added cushioning for comfort between the goggle and the swimmer.
•Blue lens provides greater contrast; good for starting out in early mornings ending in sun.
•Clear lens best for indoor and over cast days.
•Smoke lens best used outdoors on sunny days, best choice to reduce glare.

Item is new but box has dents.


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