New Adjustable Travel Power Adapter w/ 3 International Adapters & 10Amp Capacity

New Adjustable Travel Power Adapter w/ 3 International Adapters & 10Amp Capacity


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Product Features:
  • Converts most international plugs to fit your needs
  • Built-in surge protection safeguards appliances from spikes in electricity
  • Can be used with Class II electronic devices up to 10A (110-250v)
  • Compact all-in-one design makes for easy transport
  • Includes 3 international plug adapters
  • Perfect for your appliances in overseas travel
  • Adjustable for England, Hong Kong, Singapore, Middle East, Italy, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Pacific islands, Canada and more!
What You Get:
  • Vaas Adjustable Travel Power Adapter (Retail Packaging

Don't want to go to Italy without your laptop? There's no need to haul around a bag full of adapters when traveling abroad! Lighten the load with our clever Vaas Adjustable Travel Power Adapter. This travel adapter converts most international plugs to fit your needs. It's a small pocket-sized power adapter set for go-anywhere convenience. This all-in-one unit provides plug adapters for use in more than 150 countries, so you never need to be at a loss for power again. The Adjustable Travel Power Adapter is easy to use, with slide-out power plugs that ensure you won't lose any vital pieces, in a compact, self-contained unit that eliminates any hassles. This all-in-one plug adapts power outlets for laptops, chargers, and similar devices, to ensure safe operation. The Vaas Adjustable Travel Power Adapter does not reduce or convert electrical voltage and is suitable for most consumer electronics ranging from 110-250 volts with max 1430W/3250-watts.




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