Mitre Brazil Jersey Men's T-Shirt Brazi Soccer Brasil Small 28-30 100% Polyester

Mitre Brazil Jersey Men's T-Shirt Brazi Soccer Brasil Small 28-30 100% Polyester


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 mitre - Whatever your goal

Cool Fit

Length: 28"

Width: 20 1/2"

Sleeve: 14"

Heat Dissipates

Mesh Panels

Brazil's logo is embroidered

Cool Air

This lightweight garment is designed to give you freedom of movement. Mesh panels are dedigned and positioned to allow heat to dissipate and cooler air to circulate whilst body moisture is transferred from the skin throught mesh.

Yellow -Sizes available Small - Medium - large

Get ready with style for the brazilian World Cup 2014!!

Mitre's Seal located on the bottom of the shirt!

About Mitre

Established in England in 1817, Mitre has been around since the dawn of professional sport, and is still present whenever Football, Rugby, Netball or Cricket is being played.

Mitre strives to be the people's sports brand, built on twin foundations of heritage and technical expertise. Our world class products combine the highest technical performance with a sense of history to bring the Mitre brand alive for the current generation and those to follow.

Overall, Mitre values the team. And we realise it takes two teams to make a game. So although we passionately want to win, it's never at all costs. That would be letting the side down, both sides in fact.

It's this quality that gives people the confidence to play.


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