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Lux Products HP2110 Smart Temp Programmable Heat Pump Thermostat New Original


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•5-1-1 programming for weekdays, Saturday and Sunday Easy to use Speed Dial Pre-programmed Easy to re-program 

•Four periods per day On-screen programming Adjustable cycle rate
Fahrenheit or Celsius 12/24 hour clock Temporary override Program lock Vacation hold Filter usage monitor On screen low battery indicator

•Now LUX offers you compelling differences! The Smart Temp HP2110 brings operating simplicity to advanced technology.

•Our unique user-friendly Speed Dial allows a beginner to get expert results.

•Pre-set with a typical energy saving program, the innovative HP2110 also offers easy re-programming to fit any lifestyle.

•The HP2110 will work on 1 or 2 stage heat with 1 stage cool heat pumps.

Product Details

Brand: Lux
Manufacturer: Lux Products
Model: HP2110
Number of items: 1
Package Dimensions
Height: 1.50 inches
Length: 10.50 inches
Width: 7.40 inches
Weight: 0.60 pounds
Package quantity: 1
Part number: HP2110
Publisher: Lux Products