Draw NASCAR Book Race Car Lee Hammond drawing Book Licensed New Paperback Books

Draw NASCAR Book Race Car Lee Hammond drawing Book Licensed New Paperback Books


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•This is the only instructional drawing book on the market officially licensed by NASCAR--
one of the country's fastest growing spectator sports.
With Lee Hammond at their side, race fans and car buffs can start drawing their favorite drivers and cars in no time flat.

Artists and drawing enthusiasts will appreciate the breadth and depth of the instruction in this highly illustrative guide. They'll find step-by-step projects for re-creating every aspect of racing, including: Today's top cars Track scenes Pit stops Vintage race cars

Even complete beginners will find success with the book's "You Can Do It" section and chapters on choosing materials and basic techniques. There are also simple starter projects that allow fans to draw such important racing details as lug nuts and checkered flags.

Every NASCAR fan will want to try this exciting new way to show their enthusiasm for the sport!

About the Author

Bestselling author Lee Hammond has written more than a dozen inspiring art books. She's also the official artist for NASCAR, and has completed portraits of nearly every top driver, including Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Dale Jarrett, Bobby Labonte, Ricky Rudd and Mark Martin, many of which are featured in this book. Lee lives in Overland Park, Kansas, and has dedicated Draw NASCAR to Tony Stewart. 
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