Breyer Horses Stablemates Highland Pony, Sport Horse and Mustang Authentic New

Breyer Horses Stablemates Highland Pony, Sport Horse and Mustang Authentic New


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• Breyer Stablemates Horses - 1 Highland Pony, 1 Sport Horse and 1 Mustang  

• New in package 2015

• Produced:  2015

• New stablemates set

• Stablemate Series  1:32 Scale

• Mold: Highland Pony, Sport Horse and Mustang

• Number: 5900 (set)

• Material:  Plastic

• Condition:  New on card.  SEE PHOTOS and DESCRIPTION BELOW 

• The Highland Pony is shaded light brown with a slight darker stripe down her back.  She has a star and eye-whites.  She has black points and hooves.  The tail has a small area of body color at the top.

• The Appaloosa Sport Horse is a combination of the athleticism and agility of the Warmblood and the disposition and flashy spotted coloring of the Appaloosa. They often excel in the Olympic disciplines of dressage, jumping. 

• Mustangs are the wild horse descendants of the Arabian and Barb horses that the Spanish explorers brought over to North America in the 16th Century. They still run free in the American West, protected by the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act.

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