Backyard Bird Tracker by Rob Hume Books Birds Hobby New

Backyard Bird Tracker by Rob Hume Books Birds Hobby New


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Birdwatchers will value this field guide, which combines a logbook for note taking with bird identification photos, illustrations, and capsule descriptions. The book opens with an introduction to the world of birds, describing basic anatomy, feather configurations, bird navigation, and migration patterns. Readers will find advice on the best ways to observe birds in nature, instruction in identifying species, and tips on making sketches or taking photos. The book’s special features include—

  • A full-color section showing 50 bird species most commonly seen in the eastern half of North America
  • A 104-page two-color note-taking section with two-page spreads for each week—enough space for a full year of bird observation notes

    There is also information on choosing and using binoculars, bird population trends, making one’s yard a friendly place for visiting birds, joining birdwatcher’s clubs, and much more. Ninety-four full-color photos and illustrations plus diagrams and charts.

From the Inside Flap

(back cover)
Backyard Bird Tracker is an essential tool for any amateur bird-watcher in the Eastern U.S. Whether you’re just getting started or want to build on your knowledge, this handbook tells you all you need to know to get the most out of bird watching.

  • The basics of bird watching are explained, including when, where, and what to look for, and how to take accurate notes, make sketches, or take photographs.
  • A fascinating introduction to the amazing world of birds includes facts on their anatomy, feathers, flight behavior, migration, and navigation.
  • Expert advice for every budget describes the equipment for observing and identifying local birds.
  • 50 of the most commonly seen Eastern U.S. birds are featured in a comprehensive species catalog.
  • Chart your findings in the unique fill-in logbook.

    Author Rob Hume has worked for Britain’s Royal Society for the Protection of Birds for over 30 years and edits the award-winning Birds magazine. He is a lifelong bird-watcher and a highly respected writer, illustrator, and bird identification expert.

    Consultant editor Bette Jackson, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Biology at Florida Gulf Coast University. Dr. Jackson received her doctorate from Mississippi State University and has published numerous articles in professional and popular journals.

    Consultant editor Jerome A. Jackson, Ph.D., is a Professor of Biology and a former Whitaker Eminent Scholar in Science and Program Director of the Whitaker Center for Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education at Florida Gulf Coast University. He has served as editor for several professional publications. 

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