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10" SS Gas Connector CSSTNN-10N Brass Craft Service Parts New

• 10" SS Gas Connector,No CSSTNN-10N, Brass Craft Service Parts Brass Craft Service Parts CSSTNN-10N 026613113876

• CSSTNN-10N CONL/FTGL/41D TUBEW|1/4" I.D. x 3/8" O.D., 3/8" Texas Fine Thread, 10",

• Pro-Coat Coated Stainless Steel, Gas Connector Less Fittings,

• Use With Adaptors & Valves Only,

• AGA Approved & IAS Design Certified For

• Indoor/Outdoor Use, Bulk. 

Item Length: 1.50
ItemWidth: 1.50
ItemHeight: 10.00
ItemWeight: 0.18
PackageLength: 1.73
PackageWidth: 1.73
PackageHeight: 11.50
PackageWeight: 0.22


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All Purpose Scale 1030208 80 LB. Capacity Easy To Read Tape Measure New Original

• 80 lb. (36.3kg) Capacity 

• Easy To Read Scale with Integrated Tape Measure

• Compact and Portable with Ergonomic Handle



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Black & Decker 3 Piece Digging Tool Combo (BD1833) Trowel Cultivator Transplater

  • Includes: trowel, cultivator and transplanter
  • Cast aluminum
  • Soft cushion grips
  • Polished aluminum hang up holes


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Gasoline Dispenser Black/Red 15 inches Screw On New

• Gasoline Dispenser

• 15 inches

• NET WT. 1.6 oz.

• Color: Black with Red tip


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Lot of 8 Vulcan 347-0226 1 Inch #0 Torx Screwdriver Bit Model: 3053820R New

Lot of 7 Vulcan 347-0226 1 Inch #0 Torx Screwdriver Bit

Torx insert bits "vulcan" 1 inch length - carded bit size#0

Item Number:347-0226

Model: 3053820R

UPC: 1892870584

For Sale: 7 x 1 Inch 


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New Sullivan Showman 9" Wood Comb Cattle Equine Steer Show Heifer Authentic

•9" Sullivan Comb with Wooden Handle

•Features 30% stronger teeth,

•A pinned-in handle, and riveted blade.

•It has five fewer teeth than other combs so it can work through hair easier.

•Ultimate comb for showmen.


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Set of 2 Disney Frozen Kristoff and Sven Duck Tape 10yd New Authentic

•Set of 2 Duck Tape

•Duck Brand Duck Tape has a wide range of applications, both traditional and nontraditional, and is now available in over 20 colors and patterns, making it even more useful than ever!

•Because of its strength and adhesive properties, you can use Printed Duck Tape for almost any job, including everyday household and auto repairs--anywhere a flexible and weather-proof bond is needed.

•Printed Duck Tape is great for coordinating materials, color-coding and identification, craft applications, and more.

•This heavy duty tape is cotton mesh reinforced, but still easy to tear! Duck Tape conforms to both smooth and uneven surfaces, and can be used on materials such as cloth, vinyl, leather and plastic - even metal and laminates.

•Each patterned roll contains 1.88 inches x 10 yards of tape.

Duck 283422 1.88" X 10 Yd. Frozen Disney Frozen Kristoff and Sven
Great Value, Ships Fast, Satisfaction Guaranteed
Disney Frozen Kristoff and Sven
Item Length: 1.88
ItemWidth: 3.75
ItemHeight: 3.75
ItemWeight: 0.29
PackageLength: 2.16
PackageWidth: 4.31
PackageHeight: 4.31
PackageWeight: 0.35


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Universal By Apache 1/4" Female Pipe Thread x Female Metric Plug Pumps Hoses New

•Female Metric x 1/4" Female Pipe Thread Adapter
Converts male pipe thread to a male metric connection.
For use on wands, hoses, pumps, etc.
Attach / remove this "tool free" adapter quickly using the easy grip nut.