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Cool Girls Quilt: More Than 15 Fresh Fun Funky Projects New

Cool Girls Quilt is a fun book by Linda Lum DeBono that succeeds in appealing to sewers and quilters of a variety of skill levels. In fact, it could potentially be an outstanding teaching book, if you re looking to get a young person involved in quilting for the first time. It's nice because, while the book is constructed like a project book, it's also contains sequential skill-building where each project builds upon the techniques practiced in the previous project. The projects are extremely eye-catching, using vibrant fabrics and bold applique in everything from a small floral pin cushion to a vintage-inspired quilted wall hanging.

One of the things I really appreciate about Cool Girls Quilt is the excellent introductory section. For example, selecting the right fabrics for a project can sometimes be intimidating even if you're very experienced. Linda encourages you to do what she does: use gut instinct. With that said, she also provides you with some questions to guide you in your decision-making process. She encourages you to ask questions to focus more on the recipient, such as, does their home have a contemporary or modern flair? Once you've decided upon the right feel for your project, she provides her favorite tips and tricks for organizing your fabrics to determine what you want to include in your quilted project. The Quiltmaking Basics section gives a very thorough overview of the quilting process, with clear, use-to-understand illustrations of key quilting techniques, such as rotary cutting, applique and binding. I mentioned that there are some great projects that would make excellent candidates for teaching someone quilting and sewing. The tool case is one such project. This simple case actually provides lots of instruction in techniques such as layering fabrics, sewing on applique and adding embellishments but it's small enough that it can be completed relatively quickly, so the student would feel satisfied that they'd been able to finish. Plus, since they have a tool kit for all their quilting goodies, it serves to inspire them to keep at quilting. Another such project in Cool Girls Quilt is a fun apron. While it s not specifically a quilting project, it serves to help develop some important skills you'll need to quilt---measuring and cutting. Each of the first few projects in this book are like this one in that they guide you through creating a project that emphasizes building an important skill for quilting success.

Once you've been able to work through some of the basic skill-building projects, Linda has you start with more complicated, but smaller-scale, pieces that combine the techniques practices earlier in the book. I love that the projects at this point are still simple enough in terms of size to complete in a relatively short period of time, but that they involve enough different fabrics and techniques that they're bound to keep you engaged. The quilting projects are so appealing, that even though they'd be very highly appropriate for a new quilter, I see them as just as relevant for a quilting veteran who has made many, many quilts. The designs are so fresh and the ideas for different color palettes are so fun, that it's not hard to get enthusiastic about making one of these as soon as possible.

Because Cool Girls Quilt can serve so many different needs for quilters, particularly as a user-friendly book for teaching quilting, I can definitely say that you should buy this book. --FabTalk Blog--Sarah 3/22/09

Product Description

Girls, get sewing--because crafty is cool! Teens and tweens with a funky fashion sense will love creating these fast, fun quilts and gifts. Twenty hip projects use bright fabrics and simple-to-stitch designs.

* Make six quilts plus 14 gift items with easy patchwork, appliqué, beading, and embroidery

* Choose from a music-player case, a table runner, a pillow, greeting cards, and much more

* Create most projects in just one day's time--beginner's sewing basics are included 


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